Blerd(Black Nerd) Travel Stories

Black Perspective: 5 Reasons You Should Travel to Taipei

This post is my people of color who are considering going to Taipei, Taiwan but were looking for insight from the perspective of a fellow black individual

Pokemon VGC 2019: Foreigners Are Finally Allowed to Play in Korea??!!

So foreigners in Korea are finally allowed to participate in the Pokemon Korea VGC?

Kuala Lumpur From the Perspective of a Black Expat


Since I could not find any blogs about traveling in Malaysia from a black perspective, I figured I should make my own. For any black expats, black tourist here are my thoughts from a black traveler.

I Felt Safer Abroad as A Black Man Than My In My Own Country Of Birth 

After resigning the the school for another year, it made me realize that I honestly feel safer in another country.

Lets Go Bike Riding In Korea.

Bike Riding in Korea is a blast and a great way to get exercise and see the country.

Fried Chicken in Korea is the best

If you ever come to Korea, the chicken is delicious and worth every penny. And the extra calories!

Why Don’t Black People Travel


Man it hurts to not more black people travel. Read more to see why

Black People Its Time to Go…Travel the World


A message to any black reader. Hope this will encourage you to fulfill your travel goals.

What Living Overseas Has Taught Me

Living as an expat has taught me so much from cooking to other skills.

6 Reasons to Visit Kota Kinabalu

Image result for kota kinabalu what to do

KK is a very slept on place. Anyone looking for a spot that different but also cheap, this is the place.